Exlana sheep have been sold across the UK & Europe ---they are used to establish profitable wool shedding flocks, to improve existing wool shedding enterprises and to breed the wool off hefted flocks.

We score stock for wool shedding ability ----breeding from quicker shedding rams can reduce the number of crosses it takes to remove the wool from your sheep

So, here’s what some of our customers say—

James Edwards, Berkshire ---‘’ We run a few ewes, got about 2400 mules, mainly north country and scotch. Got a few lleyn x Tex, some Romney, some welsh x Aberfield, a load of NZ Suffolk x mule, some NZ Suffolk x lleyn, a pedigree Charmoise flock as well as a 100 or so Shetlands.
Have about 200 Exlana, and a pile of easy care.

What I'll say is that the best of them are just about all the same, but they do different jobs often, different ground, different markets etc.
As a ewe producing fat lambs, they all do a job and do it well if you are good at your bit and manage them and the ground well enough.
But if I had to have only one maternal breed, I’d go 100% Exlana


Jake Hancock, Wessex Conservation Grazing--- was so impressed with his Exlana performance that he sent us his EBLEX Stocktake data ------




It’s easy to see how low Jake has managed to keep his costs whilst maintaining a high output flock

Even more exceptional is the fact that he achieved this performance with 36% of his flock being ewe lambs


Dave Knight, Exmoor---- ‘’Shedders? Cutting unnecessary costs out rather than chasing the El Dorado that is wool?’’