Exlana sheep are only sold direct from our farms or from our annual ram sale, which is usually held in the first half of August ---- we can tailor sheep to your needs, improving whatever trait you need to target be it milk yield, carcass weight, growth rate, FEC, fecundity , muscle depth, fat depth or mature size.

We have scrapie genotyped stock and Myomax carriers if that is what you need

We have sheep for sale all year round but to ensure an order it’s best to reserve early in the season

Ram Sales

The 2020 Elite Ram Sale will be held on 4th August with the additional exciting new option for bidders to join us online . We hope this will help buyers that have busy schedules and don't want to travel long distances










We are now selling commercial rams direct from our stud farms in Devon and Wiltshire, these are rams that are the result of many years of ongoing recording and harsh selection. SIG has a hard-earned reputation for producing sheep that go away and do what it says on the tin.

All Exlana sheep are fully recorded with Signet Breeding Services, and the catalogue provides full details – further information or help with the figures can be found from the Signet website  or by speaking to one of the Exlana team.

SIG has been an industry leader in breeding for worm resistance, working in conjunction with Roslin Institute, Sainsburys and Bristol University to research and identify the Exlana’s genetic resistance to internal parasites. Parasite resistance is increasingly being recognised as a prime economic trait in lamb production. 

Rams that don't come from MV accredited flocks have passed at least one MV blood test. SIG flocks are also disease screened for CLA & OJD

We offer £50 off each ram purchase for any farmer that screens their flock for MV ---see the attached file for details 

Please direct any queries to:


Tim White 01985 845063 / 07880983593

Peter Baber 01647 252549 / 07967595098


Our flocks are regularly disease screened for BD, MV, CLA & OJD. We also have MV accredited and scrapie monitored stock available, we can satisfy export conditions to any country that UK has export agreements with

If you would like to see Exlana sheep in their working clothes please contact us to arrange a farm visit, we are also at the major NSA events & often host open days/educational tours on our farms


Please contact either;

Tim White 01985 845063

07880 983593


Peter Baber 01647 252549


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