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Details of rams at our Elite Sale are here on EXCEL or on --just search ''Live Auctions & Events'' for Exlana

Exlana sheep are only sold direct from our farms or from our annual ram sale, which is usually held in the first half of August ---- we can tailor sheep to your needs, improving whatever trait you need to target be it milk yield, carcass weight, growth rate, FEC, fecundity , muscle depth, fat depth or mature size.

We have scrapie genotyped stock and Myomax carriers if that is what you need

We have sheep for sale all year round but to ensure an order it’s best to reserve early in the season

Ram Sales 2020

Amid current Covid concerns and to ensure that purchasing Exlana stock is a stress free and simple process  we will be selling rams in a variety of ways:


Online ordering of Commercial rams ---this is very simple, at any time you can either email or telephone us and order rams to suit your system and budget

  • Let us know which traits you are especially interested in ---- whether that may be milk yield, lamb survival, growth, muscle depth, parasite resistance or any other traits we select for

  • Let us know when you need the stock delivered

  • Let us know your budget

And we will select and deliver rams to your area

From the beginning of August we will have updated data available for all rams and you will be able to select remaining animals by looking at their data

Commercial rams are priced at £550 & £650 depending on their genetic merit


Exlana ''Data Driven''  Sale of Elite Rams 4th August 2020 at Junction 27 M5 ---a traditional sale of Elite Rams with online webcam coverage and real time bidding opportunity hosted by Sell My Livestock ---we have adapted our traditional sale to work as well as possible in the current climate

You will be able to view a catalogue as usual which we will send out nearer the time, this will also be available here on our website and on along with pictures/videos of the rams on offer

There will be limited space for bidders at the auction but we hope that you will be able to join us and purchase your choice of ram online

  • Register with Sell my Livestock as a buyer well in advance

  • Peruse the catalogue and select rams you may be interested in

  • Join us via the live webcam on 4th August and bid online

We will then deliver rams to your area by arrangement

Elite rams come from the top 25% of the BLUP analysis and start at £750


We hope this arrangement will work for everyone, in planning this we spoke to many customers and it was apparent that;

  • Our customers buy stock on ‘’Genetics not cosmetics’’---- they trust and use data to select stock and buying online is not a large leap of faith for them

  • Many customers welcome not having to travel a great distance to buy rams

  • Area delivery of rams is an attractive bonus









Please direct any queries to:


Tim White 01985 845063 / 07880983593

Peter Baber 01647 252549 / 07967595098




All Exlana sheep are fully recorded with Signet Breeding Services, and the catalogue provides full details – further information or help with the figures can be found from the Signet website  or by speaking to one of the Exlana team.

SIG has been an industry leader in breeding for worm resistance, working in conjunction with Roslin Institute, Sainsburys and Bristol University to research and identify the Exlana’s genetic resistance to internal parasites. Parasite resistance is increasingly being recognised as a prime economic trait in lamb production. 

Rams that don't come from MV accredited flocks have passed at least one MV blood test. SIG flocks are also disease screened for CLA & OJD

We offer £50 off each ram purchase for any farmer that screens their flock for MV ---see the attached file for details 

















Our flocks are regularly disease screened for BD, MV, CLA & OJD. We also have MV accredited and scrapie monitored stock available, we can satisfy export conditions to any country that UK has export agreements with

If you would like to see Exlana sheep in their working clothes please contact us to arrange a farm visit, we are also at the major NSA events & often host open days/educational tours on our farms

Please contact either;

Tim White 01985 845063

07880 983593


Peter Baber 01647 252549


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