Exlana rams now available off farm ---see sales page for details 


Why shedding?

Wool is an excellent product but not an economical one for farmers, it creates work and requires costly chemical inputs ---

Exlana =

  • No shearing

  • No dagging

  • No tail mutilation

  • Fewer cast ewes

  • Less energy diverted (feed) into wool production

  • Lower labour requirements 

All these attributes are great but of little consequence if the sheep is not productive, which is why the Exlana is subject to one of the most rigorous and detailed science led evaluation systems.

 How do they perform?

  • Exlana are natural mothers with plenty of milk

  • They usually scan from 165% to 195% depending on grass availability and the time of year they are mated

  • Mature weights of 60 to 65kg

  • Easy lambing 

  • Bred for worm resistance

  • Selected for sound feet and teeth so that they last   

Genetics not Cosmetics

Exlana sheep are bred on grass based systems where animals are made to work under pressure as this is the only way we believe that sufficient selection and genetic progress can be made. We have 3200 breeding ewes in our core recorded flock, all with EID to ensure accurate data collection. Our sheep are BLUP evaluated by SIGNET, we DNA parentage test all stock rams to ensure correct pedigree assignations, we weigh lambs at birth, 8 & 20 weeks old as well as Ultra-Sound scanning to measure muscle & fat depths. Every year we take individual FEC samples from 1200+ lambs which enables us to select and breed animals that are resistant to worms. Ewes & lambs are also wool scored in the spring so that we can predict which sires produce the best shedding genetics, something that is very important if you want to breed the wool off your sheep.

Many Exlana sheep carry the ‘’Myomax’’ muscling genes

Healthy sheep are productive sheep

All our flocks are disease screened for MV, CLA & OJD. We have scrapie genotyped rams, MV accredited & Scrapie monitored flocks. All rams are tested for MV & BD prior to sale & arrive with a quarantine drench from a new generation anthelmintic

Exlana rams come with a 2 year guarantee 

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