Want to breed the wool off your sheep? 

Wool shedding is just another trait that you can add or take away from your ewes ---depending on your ewe and how much wool she has this process can take between 1 and 3 crosses to achieve

Many ewes including the Hill breeds like the Shetlands, Blackface, Cheviots and Welsh ewes will produce shedding lambs on the first cross with an Exlana ram

Mules & Lleyns can take two generations to get to a full shedding ewe

If you start with  a Romney or a Dorset it may take a little longer 

We record shedding speed and ability in our stud flocks and can advise you on which ram lines to use if you want to breed the wool off your home flock 

Exlana x Lleyn ewe lamb with 2nd cross at foot
Lleyn x Exlana ewes with 2nd cross lambs